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Arambol the secret place hippies never shared with you

Travel with an open mind-set and learn to take things as they appear

A part of finding my inner self comes from experience of other people, culture and places. Arambol is one of the place that made me into the one I am today. It’s also a part of my lifelong project buddha jeans who I do not know where it will take me. I am sure it’s juxtaposed of spiritual pop cultural who involves an inner travel with a positive mind-set and openness to other people and cultures. I will make one blog for each of my destiny that has turned my inner self too the one I am today and hopefully evolves with an great energy to inspire others and myself. . Arambol is one of them.

On the beach and in love. this is a heaven on earth and hopefully it will stay that way unless we keep on destroying everything beautiful

Arambol, in the far north of Goa, close to the Maharashtra border, with its seemingly endless stretch of sand and rocky headland, is one of India’s most charismatic beach towns. The Beatles got into the American hippie culture and it did not take long before they discovered India as a true spiritual land of love and compassion.

In the 60’s Arambol got discovered by the hippies

Discovered in the 1960’s by the hippies looking to escape the fading flower power is of the west, the town has since become a welcoming community of locals, tourists and long-term visitors, where peace and love prevail amongst a still largely unspoiled paradise. Arambol has been lucky and slipped away from large hotel and vacation developer therefore still a small village with endless charm.

It’s a small town and the only road from the beach and out is very it’s all happening

The beach is the focal point of the town, with a vast array of accommodation, restaurants and market stalls scattered from one end to the other. To the north, situated on the cliff-side, is a collection of beach shacks of varying description. The main road, running from the beach and through the main part of town, houses a further assortment of hotels, bars/restaurants and stores. As there is not too far to go, everything is within reach on foot.

Karma Yoga

If you love yoga, astrology and Ayurveda traditional medicine this is the right place. If you like to stay out all night listening to Techno music this is not the right place as there is no clubs in Arambol, just a chill-out place just 50 meters out in the jungle but it closes early and not allows play really high music.

Arambol is music

On the other hand there are several places that have live music; poems readings and the quality are on a high level. Arambol have started to gain an incredible reputation as a place for musicians, and lot of music projects have spun out of it. In Arambol will you find a few of the old hippies that came in the 60’s and never manage to return back home? But it seems as life has been good to them as they are skinny, tanned and always smiling.

What about drugs?

There is people smoking cannabis almost in every music place so it’s not really a big thing if you do. But bear in mind that it’s illegal and do not provoke people or the police as it seldom comes anything good out if. There are also any other drugs available if you really want it, from coke, E’s, LSD and Heroin but be careful as in worst case you can been arrested, and 10 years is a long time in a prison in Goa. And also be careful when taking because Heroin can be 10 times stronger than home and maybe you get E’s that does not work at all. My best advice do not take drugs at all as the place, people and the music will over shadow the effect anyhow.

Luckily Arambol have so far been spared from heavy tourism and high rise hotels

In the company of its constant laid back atmosphere it is difficult to do anything but relax, however Arambol tourism is changing from Hippie Arambol to Adventure Arambol as the town is developing a reputation for extreme water sports, such as paragliding and kite surfing. Nevertheless, for visitors in search of peace, the beach is vast enough to find a quiet spot even if it means sharing with the cows. At sunset and as night falls, the beachfront transforms into one of Goa’s most romantic dinner settings, with candlelit restaurant tables serving up a feast of fish dishes and beer.

Meditate all day

The-carnival-is-cool-and-crazy. Its a must and happening on the beach. With absulkutely the right and trendy people from all over the world

I-love-the-crazy-carnival. A baby devil in the sky. What can you possible say. The carnival happening in February

The fascinating blend of traditional Goa village life and western hippy culture never fail to leave a lasting impression. Coupled with its location on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Arambol is the perfect place in which to lose all thoughts and dream the day away

Keep an eye on your belongings in high season

While the many beachfront huts provide idyllic and picturesque dwellings, security is not always the best. During high season thefts are known to increase, therefore it is advisable to take extra precaution when leaving bags and possessions unattended.

Travel to Arambol: How to get in and out.

Indian-car-culture-is-dangerous as thir drive and honk the horn and then pass even in in a curve so be careful even on a motorbike

With only one bus stand, at the beginning of the main road, getting to and from town is a simple matter and regular services depart for Mapusa and Pernem. Those traveling through Goa and further south should pick up a connecting bus in Mapusa, and for the north and into Maharashtra, at Pernem. The nearest train station, at Pernem, is on the main line running north into Maharashtra, and onto Mumbai, and south, into Goa. Taxi is not expensive even for 2 hour’s drive and it’s a good way of supporting local business as well as it’s always good to know a taxi driver you can call when you need one, because sometimes it’s difficult and they might charge the double.

I would like to keep this blog alive and sharing so any news about music, culture, stories, courses and discussion are more than welcome.

Next article will be on the music scene in Arambol and Goa. Want more photo from Arambol and era please visit my photo-stream on Flickr

Kenneth buddha

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Appendix, sources and useful information

Yoga (Sanskrit Pali yoga – is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India.

Meditation – is any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit.

Ayurveda the knowledge for long life- or ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to India and a form of alternative medicine. Ayurveda – The Science of Life Ayurveda is a 5,000 – year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.

The carnival in Arambol take place in February each year and are a must if you're in Goa

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